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Postat av: Danae

I am addressing this to Amanda - actually, this might as well sound a little weird, but anyways: I am a stylist from Slovenia, currently working on a big project (a commercial for our biggest national moble phone company)and I just ran upon this blog that you and your sister are making - it truly is an inspiration :) The thing is, however, that the main two caracters for the commercial would be a girl and a boy approximately your age - we dicussed it and taught we should ask if you are willing to participate? The director is Luzian Schlatter from Switzerland, the team is young and ambitious - shooting is probably taking place on the coast of Italy. I should add that we would cover the costs of you getting here and you would also get a honorary. So, in case you are interested, please, please contact me via my e-address (danaja.vegelj@sil.net or danaja.vegelj@telekom.si)as soon as possible, so that we can talk the thing over. Again, I hope it doesnt sound too weird, but since I dont speak Swedish, I couldnt think of another way of contacting you. Hope to hear from you.
p.s.: I really like this blog and both, yours and your sisters style - full of creative ideas :)

2007-07-19 @ 19:34:17
Postat av: Danae

Sorry, I messed up the words: the address is danaja.vegelj@siol.net :)
Once more, hope to hear from you.

2007-07-19 @ 19:37:31
Postat av: KIM

obeskrivligt bra bild!

Postat av: sofie :)

söt blogg :)

2007-07-19 @ 20:29:28
URL: http://www.oohsofie.blogg.se
Postat av: Homme

Nice photo!

2007-07-19 @ 21:53:37
URL: http://modepourhomme.blogspot.com/
Postat av: Mimmie

åh, fin bild!

2007-07-19 @ 21:56:55
URL: http://ledume.blogg.se
Postat av: Anna

Nice bild och nice blogg (:

2007-07-19 @ 22:14:36
Postat av: dilo

fiin bild=)

2007-07-20 @ 12:58:34
URL: http://www.dilo.blogg.se
Postat av: Olivia

tack och thank you!!

2007-07-22 @ 16:52:09
URL: http://moderniteter.blogg.se

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